Weld Studs

Divya Darshan Metallica has a qualitative large range of Weld Studs that are available in various specifications. These weld studs can be attached by a variety of welding techniques, such as MIG or TIG welding or they can be attached by automated welding guns using Arc or Capacitor Discharge (CD) technologies. Weld studs are an ideal way to securely attached fasteners in extreme applications where reaching both sides of a structure is impossible or undesired.




17-4 PH, Alloy 30, Hastelloy, Monel, AL-6XN, Alloy 330, A286, Duplex Steel, Etc materials available as per customer requirements.


M3 - M100


Weld studs provide a robust attachment to sheet metal and are available in many shapes and sizes with several plating options depending upon the corrosion protection required. The primary stud families are electrical grounding, large flange for bracket and module mounting, fir tree (coarse thread) for push-on fasteners, location pins for assembly aid, and T-studs for small plastic or metal clip attachments.